The World Cup That Is Hawaiian Music Part 5: From Prussia With Love

One of the most influential people on the sound of Hawaiian music came from an unexpected place. Having being chosen by the king of Prussia to be sent to Hawaii by request of King Kamehameha the Fifth, Henry Berger changed the face and direction of Hawaiian music for many generations to come. After the death... Continue Reading →


The World Cup That Is Hawaiian Music Part 4: The Madeiran Musicmakers

The history of Hawaiian music was altered forever with the arrival of three woodworkers from the Madeira Islands in 1879. The Portuguese had been arriving in Hawaii in small numbers since the 1850s, mostly as cast aways from whaling ships. But it wasn't until 1878 when the Hawaiian government made a concerted effort to import Portuguese... Continue Reading →

The World Cup That Is Hawaiian Music Part 1: Background and the Polynesian Foundation

Something that I truly love about Hawaiian music are the various influences from other musical cultures that you can hear within the distinctively Hawaiian sound. As a small group of islands set in the middle of the vast Pacific ocean, Hawai`i existed in isolation for hundreds of years. But after Captain Cook's landing here in the late... Continue Reading →

Hana Hou Dat Bass!!!

  Hands down, next to the Sons of Hawai`i, my favorite Hawaiian group of all time is Hui `Ohana. Coming from the remote area of Kalapana on Hawai`i Island, they came onto the Hawaiian music scene in the 1970s with a purpose. By mixing their old school traditional arrangements with very forward thinking musical composition they had... Continue Reading →

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