I Ulu No Ka Lālā I Ke Kumu

As the tourist economy continued to grow and the realities of statehood began to take hold with the people of Hawaii, a realization unfolded that the musical culture of Hawaii had moved significantly far away from its roots. While the Hawaiian language remained relatively strong in comparison with other colonized nations, musically, profound changes had occurred from the humble... Continue Reading →


The World Cup That Is Hawaiian Music Part 7: This Is Getting Big

By the 1940s Hawaiian music had become an established genre in music circles throughout the world. From its beginnings as an isolated chant based musical form based on its Polynesian cultural roots and through the adaptations brought on by the influences from cultures from around the world, the music of Hawaii became its own distinct... Continue Reading →

The World Cup That Is Hawaiian Music Part 6: Made In America?

This is a continuation of my multi-part blog series in honor of the World Cup on the musical influences from outside cultures on Hawaiian music. So far I have covered influences from Mexico, Portugal, the American Missionaries and European Military Marches. Today appropriately enough on the 4th of July I would like to look at the... Continue Reading →


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