Scholarly Southern Blues and Hawaiian Slide Guitar Connections

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A fellow musician friend of mine recently shared an article with me that outlines a compelling argument supporting the theory of the connections between the Hawaiian steel guitar and early southern blues and the development of finger slide guitar playing. This was a truly fascinating article that verified some connections I had made in a previous blog post of mine that discussed this very topic. You can read my post that explores these connections on this blog or linked here.

The article shared with me was written by John W. Troutman and was published as part of the “Project Muse” which is a free on-line database of scholarly articles. You can go to his website to read the article in full at this link.

If you read my blog post and the article I think you can see the connections, but to summarize the article demonstrates that the large presence of Hawaiian guitars and Hawaiian guitar players in the south must point to the origins of southern blues slide guitar playing as being sourced from Hawaii rather than from African monochord zithers.

I hope you enjoy reading and further exploring some of those musical connections between southern blues and Hawaiian steel guitar playing; two timeless classics of musical mastery.


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