The Killer Kika Kila

kika kila

Very excited about a recent book by John Troutman that came out covering the relatively undocumented history of the Hawaiian steel guitar. This book was released about a month ago and I eagerly picked up a copy, but the business of work hasn’t enabled me to get past the introduction! None the less it is definitely at the top of my summer reading list, once school gets out!

I am primarily interested in this book not only because it is the first comprehensive book to document the history of the steel guitar from its origins in Hawai‘i, but also the role of the steel guitar in influencing southern blues guitar, as well as country and blues slide guitar. Hense the subtitle “How the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Changed the Sound of Modern Music”. Mr. Troutman has touched on this before which I mentioned in this blog post. And I myself touched on this topic in my blog post here.

I’ve come across a few interviews with author John Troutman in which he talks about the contents of his book which are great to check out if you are thinking of buying the book or interested in the history of this instrument. Here’s a print interview with UNC Press the publisher and here is an audio interview with a radio station.

I am looking forward to reading this book and I would suggest reading it if you are a fan of American music whether it be blues, jazz, folk, or any other regional roots music styles.


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