Track #1 “Change Something”

“There’s only one thing you need to change, everything”, “Cease the fighting”, “Change starts from within”, “Surrender control”…. these are just some of the concepts found in the title song “Change Something”. If you’re just joining me, these blog posts are covering the stories behind the songs on my recently released EP.

The title track has deep significance for me and came about at a deeply transformative time in my life. I was at a point in which I was admittedly lost and not sure of what direction I was to take. I felt sick and tired and in feeling this way and I found myself out of answers. So I just gave up, gave in, and left it all up to God.

The lyrics speak pretty directly to this experience. I transitioned from living life in fear towards stopping to fight everything in my life and surrendering to a greater good. It was through admitting defeat that I was finally able to win, a true paradox!

It’s a simple song built around a repetitive four chord progression. I wanted something that was easy to groove to in order to allow the lyrics to take center stage and tell the story of this important point in my life. I added some catchy ‘ukulele picks to give the song an upbeat feel to it as the song really speaks of the hope and positive effects of moving forward from negative experiences and developing tools to live a life that can inspire and have a positive influence on others.

Overall the song was a big departure from my previous song writing and most definitely my most recent album. My last album was thematically focused on lost love and the trials of difficult relationships. The sound on that project was more yearning with the lonesome wails of a wandering loner. But here on “Change Something” the ‘ukulele and guitar present a confident look towards the future with endless possibilities and hope for new horizons and experiences.

This first track was very liberating to write and record. In listening to this song I feel I got to a point where I was writing honestly from my heart and not trying to create something to please other people. I always wrote from personal experience and about my own individual point of view, but there was something about this song that was just different. Mainly the result of the self-reflection that preceded the writing of the song and the hard work that I had to do to get to a place where I no longer lived in regret about the past, but in a self-assured acceptance that all happens according to God’s plan. That I am just a worker among workers, that my true ambition is to live usefully and humbly.

I hope everyone enjoys the song, you can hear it streaming by clicking here.



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