Track #2 Why Wait For Tomorrow (When the Sun It Shines Today)

The songwriting style on this song was definitely influenced by country singer Kacey Musgraves. At the time I was listening quite religiously to her album “Pageant Material” and I was consistently impressed by her use of quirky metaphor and double entendre. But actually the origins of this song are much older. Looking through some old journals I came across the bare bones of a song I had started but never really got too deep with that I had titled “Why Wait For Tomorrow (When the Sun It shines Today)”. The theme being centered around not procrastinating and getting out and doing the things that you have always wanted to do.

Some years later looking at this unfinished song I couldn’t but help and laugh at the irony here of having an unfinished song about procrastination, pretty funny! But no biggie, I think all songwriters start lots of songs and don’t necessarily get around to finishing them. Songwriting can be a fickle endeavor. Sometimes things will come quickly, other times ideas come and go, float in the air, and don’t get captured until months, or years later. In this case it was definitely years. And the way I see it I just needed the appropriate life experiences for the song to come to life.

I had fun writing this song and I had a bunch of different ideas on how to express the idea of procrastination. The two strongest ones for me were the ideas of doing homework on Sunday nights and not getting the dreaded spring cleaning done until the following fall. There was something about these two universal burdens that seemed to really sum up the act of procrastination by the temporal identifiers. I mean who hasn’t done their homework late on a Sunday night!

The chorus was the one hold out from the original conception of the song. I do recall when I was first attempting to compose this song I was working a lot in the dirt as I was managing a friend’s small farm and helping to start a home nursery business with them. The idea of getting out and doing the things that needed to get done regardless of the weather seemed to really fit in with the idea of avoiding procrastination. I always look at farmers and the like as being ones who never succumb to the pull of delaying things. It’s one of those jobs where if something has to get done, it just HAS to get done, there’s no way around it.

The final piece to this song was finding a good bridge. When I looked back on my last album I felt I was a little too stuck in the verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure. There’s nothing wring with that, some of my favorite songs follow this clean and simple structure. And I’m not one who is overly impressed with fancy songwriting structures just for the sake of it. A good song is just a good song no matter what form it comes in. Shoot Bo Diddley write songs that were one chord that blows most songs out of the water!

The reason I really felt this song needed a bridge was I wanted to break the circular repetition of the verse-chorus pattern to symbolize the breaking through the procrastination and getting out a doing something for the sake of breaking through the monotony of life. And so I added a simple little bridge section that also has the function of adding some depth to the character’s experience. Primarily when the person in the song admits that they’d rather end a relationship than work at it to make it better. I use the third person loosely here because this song is definitely all written from my own experiences!

The final element that really made this song complete for me was a new addition I used throughout this album and that is my Farmer Foot Drums. You can link to their website here, and I highly suggest you do. I used four different percussive effects on this album, a bass drum, a seed shaker, a tambourine, and an egg shaker. The percussion really works well for this song. The upbeat and playful nature of the tune really calls for some back beat and the foot drums fit the bill well. The nice mixing job by my man Michael Landolt really made for a full sound on this one. And if you listen really close you’ll hear some nice ‘ukulele frills interspersed in this track too.

Along with the first track of the record, the EP starts off with two upbeat tunes that really represented the overall feel of my current musical expression. Soulful, relaxed, expressive and hopeful was how I was feeling and I think it really came through on this track as well as the title track as well. So don’t wait for tomorrow, go out and do something, make it happen, and live your life! Check out the song here.


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