Track #3 Always Down For Love

While most of the tracks on this album stray a little bit away from my “typical” traditional country sound, I still love a good foot stomper built around “three chords and the truth” as it’s said. So, of course I had to have a little finger pickin’ country tune on this record. I do have to give a little shout out to my friend Kozy on this one who gave me the idea about living “upcountry” but always being “down for love”. I thought it was a catchy word play so I kept it in my back pocket for the right time.

A catchy play on words a good song it does not make, and as someone who writes from personal experience I needed an event or something to inspire an entire song. And it came to me while I was driving to Kona to deliver a pair of headphone to my (not at the time yet) wife. You see at the time Betsy was doing a yoga certification training in Kona. This required her to stay at an ashram for about 4 to 5 days at a time. So for her yoga training she would be home for the weekend and then go back down to Kona, and if you are not familiar with the geography of the Big Island is not close to Waimea. Well one time on her way down she forgot a few important items, one being her headphones the other being her protein powder, which having to eat a strictly vegetarian diet at the ashram was a crucial component of her weekly packing.

So that night after she had gotten to Kona and settled in after a long day of bending and stretching she called to say she’d forgotten her headphones and her protein powder. And I am happy to say that without hesitation I got in my truck and drove the almost 100 miles round trip to deliver the things she forgot. And it was in that moment (among many, in case she’s reading) that I realized that I am truly “down for love”. That I would really do anything that my woman asks for and to be her support in her times of need.

And I am glad I had that trusty little phrase that Kozy had shared with me some months being about living up country but always being down for love. And so a song was born! The chords came together pretty easily, so from there it was just a matter of putting all the parts together.

When I set out to record the song I though about what kind of instrumentation I wanted added to it. I thought about some traditional country instruments like maybe adding some banjo, fiddle or slide guitar, but knowing my man Colin John would be visiting the island with his recently acquired vintage Fender Esquire guitar I knew that’s what I needed. When he runs that trough his Swart amplifier, it’s country twang at its finest.

Combine all that with the fine mixing magic of Michael Landolt and you have your self a true foot stompin’, twanger of a country song. Trust me this was not an easy song to mix. Colin had added a plethora of twangy fills and trills when recording so there was lot to sort through to see what we wanted to do with all the guitar goodness at our disposal. Michael must have sent me 5 or 6 different mixes of all different styles before we settled on one. And when you listen to the track you’ll hear all types of fun little musical add ons to the main song that makes it a fun one to relisten to. You will always discover something new!

On top of all that Colin adds in a ripping and I must add tasty little guitar solo in the middle. All in all it is a fun up beat country tune about doing anything for the one you love, enjoy! Link to the song here.


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