Track #4 To Stay You Gotta Leave

I know it’s been a few months now between posts, but I have been really wanting to finish off what I had originally set out to do which is give a track by track summary of my recently released EP “Change Something.” So let’s just move right into track #4 on the album “To Stay You Gotta Leave”.

A majority of my music is autobiographical and are stories of my life and experiences I’ve had and this song is no exception. I am not going to dwell too deeply on the meaning of this song as it is pretty self-explanatory and if you listen to the track (which you can do here for free!). Essentially it boils down to the realization that sometimes in life you are able to stay somewhere by first leaving. While this sounds paradoxical, hear me out.

Now this can be a metaphor for a lot of things in life, but in this case is applied to loving someone. Sometimes being apart, or separation can be good for love. Sometimes by “leaving” the love behind, you realize you want to “stay” in that love. If the love is meant to be God will find a way to bring you back together. And often times God does this with an even better plan for you than you even thought was possible. This was the case in my life and I am ever grateful for that!

One other note about this song as it was composed in a very intentional way. If you listen to the chord structure and the sections of the song, they all move into a new section with no repeats until the very end. If I were to chart this song there is a Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D. Only Part D actually gets repeated in the song. This approach to composing the sections was done to symbolize the movement of the people in the song who are taking steps to separate and move apart until the very end until they reunite and realize that they are to be with each other.

Complemented by a tremeloed and reverby backing guitar track played on a Fender Jaguar the song is a nod to the swashy ballads of Roy Orbison and other artists of the 60s country-pop sound. While often musicians take a double take when performing this song with me as it has an odd structure and asks the listener and performer to jump along for the ride, I am very happy with how this song came out. It was a personal challenge to not only compose the song structurally but to direct the emotions of this trying time in my life. But for me as an artist, that’s what songwriting is about, synthesizing your feelings into words, music, and form.


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