#5 High & Lonesome

Better late than never they say. Finish what you started. Faith without works is dead. All those apply here as I finish up my series of blog posts summarizing the five tracks from my recent EP “Change Something” released earlier this year. And now it’s time to cover the final track, and one that I am personally very proud of for a couple reasons, and here’s why.

First off this is the first song that I really set out to write that wasn’t totally biographical but rather from the viewpoint of someone else experiencing something. But I did this with a twist. The origin of the song is to actually to take on the perspective of a songwriter that indirectly had a significant influence on my own writing through their own yearning for true love. In dissecting this songwriter’s lyrics I could identify a common theme about lost love and fear of never finding “the one”. But rather than simply write from that perspective, I wanted to add a twist by using that point of view as a mirror. And so I imagined that they were the one actually being lusted after. I hope that makes sense, if not, oh well I can at least let it out and let you decide for yourself what the song means!

Take a listen for yourself here.

What I can say is that the songwriter that inspired this song is the great Lindi Ortega. And having recently been able to see her live for the first time, and hear about how she is engaged to be married really helped bring the inspiration and intention for this song full circle and give it a sense of finality. When listening to the lyrics of this song there is a clear message of not wanting to “die alone”. The narrator drinks away their loneliness with their guitar by their side thinking about the girl with the “black veil” and “ruby lips” that “haunts my memory”. The twist in the song is that while I was imagining Lindi being the one thinking about a lost love, I placed her as the one being longed for, therefore creating an ironic twist to the tale that really only I am privy to. (Well you too, now that I have stated it here!) It was a fun and challenging song to write, and a really powerful one to sing as well as I imagine all the times I languished in fear about not ever finding the one and now being happily in a place where I am with my soulmate and no longer have to yearn for someone or something I don’t know may or may not exist.

There are also a couple other things that I hope you can hear in this track that make it unique. First off I was able to add the fabulous guitar of Colin John and the vocal stylings of Long Tall Deb, two friends of mine who are fantastic musicians in their own right. Please check them out and their upcoming album to be released soon! What their contributions were able to help me do is sonically bring to life how I envisioned the song sounding. Having people who share similar musical tastes as yourself can be crucial towards creating beneficial collaborations for the sake of manifesting an artistically pleasant piece of music. Also, the structure of the song continued along the theme of many of the songs on this record as being somewhere outside the realm of a straight ahead country or acoustic folk tune. I can’t really say I know what to call it and that’s OK. All I know is it comes from the heart.

That’s really all I’d like to say about that song. I do know that all these songs have inspired me to continue writing more and continue to record and release my own songs independently. The creative freedom I feel as a musician is strong and I thoroughly enjoy being able to compose and record my own creative musical expressions and share them with anyone who is interested in listening to them. This is why I put all my songs for free to stream on my own website and for download on Bandcamp. It is my hope that more musicians feel the freedom and creative power to make their music available for all to listen to and go directly to the listener. Thanks for reading and thank you for supporting local independent musicians!


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