You Want a Top Ten?!

So the trappings of facebook strike again! Rather than bore you with ten days of me posting random album covers for you to gawk at and then to subsequently ignore as you continue your endless scroll through the ethers of what is your facebook feed, yet to also respectfully fulfill a request from a friend, … Continue reading You Want a Top Ten?!


Hawaiian Epic Sessions

I recently watched this superb documentary on PBS called "American Epic Sessions". To summarize, the film documents the recent recording sessions produced by Jack White and T. Bone Burnett in which they use a rebuilt recording machine from the early 1920s to record a diverse set of artists including Alabama Shakes, Nas, Taj Mahal and others.  … Continue reading Hawaiian Epic Sessions

Track #3 Always Down For Love

While most of the tracks on this album stray a little bit away from my "typical" traditional country sound, I still love a good foot stomper built around "three chords and the truth" as it's said. So, of course I had to have a little finger pickin' country tune on this record. I do have to … Continue reading Track #3 Always Down For Love

Track #2 Why Wait For Tomorrow (When the Sun It Shines Today)

The songwriting style on this song was definitely influenced by country singer Kacey Musgraves. At the time I was listening quite religiously to her album "Pageant Material" and I was consistently impressed by her use of quirky metaphor and double entendre. But actually the origins of this song are much older. Looking through some old journals I … Continue reading Track #2 Why Wait For Tomorrow (When the Sun It Shines Today)

Track #1 “Change Something”

"There's only one thing you need to change, everything", "Cease the fighting", "Change starts from within", "Surrender control".... these are just some of the concepts found in the title song "Change Something". If you're just joining me, these blog posts are covering the stories behind the songs on my recently released EP. The title track has deep … Continue reading Track #1 “Change Something”

Hawaiians On the Chitlin Circuit

One important question that is addressed head on in John Troutman's book "Kika Kila" is what is what level of influence can we ascribe to the Hawaiians in terms of the development of the slide guitar in southern blues music? Did southerners independently come up with the slide guitar or did they adapt and refine … Continue reading Hawaiians On the Chitlin Circuit