Ikua Purdy Wins!

ikua image

I just recently discovered some awesome pieces of historical information on the fascinating blog http://nupepa-hawaii.com/. If you are interested in Hawaiian history or the Hawaiian language, I suggest you click on the above link and follow this blog that digitizes and translates Hawaiian newspapers from the past. In researching the Frontier Days rodeo competition from 1908 in Cheyenne, Wyoming where Ikua Purdy won first place in the steer roping competition I found this account from the Hawaiian Star newspaper.

The account is historically important as it recounts the progression of the events surrounding the competition. These details help take you into the moment and the intensity of the moment for Ikua Purdy. I also found it interesting how the writer of the article spun the story to mention that while the Hawaiians had “taken away” the championship from the Americans, Hawaii is actually a territory of the United States so therefore part of and continuing the history of the cowboy in America. Read for yourself and tell me what you think in the comment section below.